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To counter Vata problems

Use of Hing - Asa Foetida


Asa Foetida is really quite a special plant, native to many asian countries

Since this subject comes back in many coaching & healing talks, I thought to bring it here.


Of everything I have learned from Ayurveda, I still consider this the most important one : proper use of Hing (Asa Foetida) in cooking resolves many problems of gasses in the intestines, as well as the related nervous problems, from general nervousness to actual nerve pains. Since my body type is Vata-Pitta, gasses are a major issue, so for other body types its use might be less important.


Hing can be used with all foods that are gas producing, namely onions, leaks, cabbages, pulses, lentils as well as all heavy, greasy foods. It gives a somewhat heavy, meaty taste to these foods, often well appreciated when non-vegetarians are served veggy foods.


Hing is the dried gum from the root of this plant. You can buy Hing in pure form, but then it is more hard to use because you need so little of it that dosage becomes difficult. More easy is to use a form of Hing which is diluted in some grain powder (like chickpea powder) and even then for the average dish you don't need much. That form is readily available in an Indian grocery shop, since it is one of the most commonly used Indian spices.




ATTENTION : when overdosed, Hing will actually produce gasses, so keep a good eye on the dosage.


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