Tantric Advaita

The Bhayanak Rasa

Bhayanaka Rasa - Fear


The Bhayanaka Rasa includes worries as wel as severe anxiety. To master this fear Rasa, we need to develop inner strength, truth and love.

Fear is often caused by ignorance. When something is unknown, the mind can only imagine what it can do and if the ego is not confident enough, the mind will only imagine fearful things.

Fear and worries are primarily a game of the ever-exaggerating mind, while the ego suffers from it if it identifies with it. The most powerful Fear is the Fear of death.

As many desires exist, so many Fears may arise. And of course, Fear is our natural protection that keeps us away from harm.

Mastering Fear

Fear can be overcome by inner strength, Love, and truth. When we see only unity in diversity, there is no Fear because there is no ignorance. In truth, there is nothing to be afraid of.

By improving our inner strength, we gain more control over our body, mind, ego, and intellect.

When we look at our past and all the plans we made for it, we come to realize that our planning has really had little impact on what happened. Much more important in the determination of the course of past events have been unforeseeable, unplanned problems as well as opportunities, our karmic destiny. The future will take care of itself, so let us not worry and sacrifice today's happiness because of it.

Fear only really goes when the ego goes, because it is the ego that identifies with the body and its projects and possessions. Love and friendship can also overcome Fear. In company, we may feel more protected.

Bhayanaka Rasa Chart

Basic Rasa : Fear

Sub-Rasas : Worry, Nervousness, Anxiety, Jealousy

Dominant Element : Air

Dominant Dosha : Vata

Dominant Guna : Tamas

Dominant Kosha : Mind (Manomayi Kosha)

Friendly Rasas : Wonder, Anger

Enemy Rasas : Courage, Peace, Joy, Love

Neutral Rasas : Disgust, Sadness

Rasa Produced : Anger

Key for Mastering : Seek company and truth while doing your duty (see also Rasa Sadhana & The Yoga of Nine Emotions)

Siddhi : Ichcha (omnipotence)

Deity : Yama


Leela is the ancient vedic name for the theater of life. Life in all its forms is an illusion behind which we can find the ultimate truth of pure Being. Yet life is also a divine theater, a spiritual game played by us, the actors. Yoga allows us to hold on to the bliss of truth while playing the game. And also this yoga is a game, which we can only take seriously if we do not take ourselves and this game too seriously. That is the meaning of Leela Yoga, nothing more, nothing less. So, Leela Yoga is a vision on yoga and also a name for a simple organisation that allows me to bring this vision into practice... more about Leela Yoga & Peter Marchand

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As the destination is the same for all, it is easy to make the error of assuming that the path must be just as universal.

The attachment that happens in the pursuit of happiness is the main source of unhappiness.

Don't think of going somewhere, because this somewhere will come along with you wherever you go, as you are already there.

Yoga requires unity between enjoyment and suffering, between bhoga and yoga, even between attachment and detachment.

How can anyone be "good" without a choice between good and bad?

While the mind creates the illusion of the universe through the senses, the intellect creates the illusion of understanding it.

When our day has been entirely ego-centered, then our meditation will probably have similar poor quality.

When the focus on the self is held strongly enough, the flow of kundalini energy happens on its own, naturally.

Tiptoe inside, don't make a sound, don't scare away that which cannot be found.

Enlightenment is nothing more or less than the final level of the game of life.