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Healing Constipation


Feeling happy when constipated is difficult

According to Ayurveda, constipation is a very serious condition that can cause many physical and mental problems. Some call it the mother of all diseases. In any case of chronic constipation, one is advised to fundamentally deal with it, so that it really stays away and is not reduced to some bearable condition. As it relates to food, lifestyle and movement, to truly get rid of constipation means to make some profound changes to your life and stick to them.

In case the constipation problem is including Hemorrhoids or Piles, it becomes many times more serious. Use the treatment for hemorrhoids alongside the treatments of constipation below, otherwise no progress may be gained at all.

Lower back pains & a bloated feeling are most often also caused by constipation, even if people do not always realize that constipation is the underlying problem. If food does not move through our system sufficiently fast, taking longer than the healthy average of 24 hours, it starts to truly rot, which produces many gasses in the intestines. These produce the bloated feeling and are very often also the cause of the back pain, as blocked stool and gasses push against the spine.

Sometimes constipation and diarrhea may alternate, the latter being an attempt of the body to treat the former by flushing out the system. It is not advisable at this time to use medication to stop the diarrhea. Eating some yoghurt after diarrhea is very advisable, to repopulate the microorganisms in the intestines.

Except for the last part of the intestines near the anus, stool is usually not the main blocking factor, gasses are. Reducing gas production and improving gas elimination is the main task when dealing with constipation.

The main keys to treat constipation are to increase movement, to correct postures, to increase inner moisture, to reduce gas production and to calm down. How to deal with constipation is also somewhat personal, depending on many individual factors. The measures and treatments below may not have the same significance to everyone. Try them out and experience for yourself. Anyhow, none of these treatments are unhealthy.













Sometimes constipation and piles are also related to a spiritual issue and especially if these problems persist for a long time, all physical measures will be more effective if also some spiritual healing is done, whether in person or long-distance.


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